Inhabitants of the Pacific Islands are among the first impacted by the effects of climate change. As rising seas erode coastlines and ecosystems are impacted by extreme weather, there has been a lack of attention and resources dedicated to supporting local media in reporting on these stories. To address this gap, the Pacific Geojournalism Project works to improve the quantity and quality of information on climate change impacts and resilience strategies available to communities, by equipping local media to produce fact-based, solutions oriented coverage of climate change adaptation issues.


The InfoPacific GeoJournalism platform has been developed to support and aggregate climate change stories and data from throughout the Pacific Islands. It covers topics including climate change, oceans, water, disasters, food, society, policy, and more.


Cherelle Jackson

Project Leader

Cherelle is the editor of Pacific Environment Weekly and the founder of the Pacific Alliance of Development Journalists. As a Samoan media trainer she has trained journalists from all over the Pacific. Ms. Jackson is an experienced reporter who has worked in Samoa, Tokelau, Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Australia. She leads coordination and delivery of  in-country trainings for the Pacific GeoJournalism Project.


Carolyn Yi

Project Coordinator

As the Coordinator for the Pacific GeoJournalism Project, Carolyn provides support on training implementation, story contract services, InfoPacific platform development, and tracks and reports on project progress. 



Maggie Mazzetti

Content Coordinator

Maggie is the Earth Journalism Network's Content Coordinator, and in this role supports InfoPacific platform development for the Pacific GeoJournalism Project. She was previously a producer and assignment manager for the Associated Press, as well as an assignment editor for CNN.